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Château Gairoird

Côtes de Provence - Vin bio

Organic cultivation? It is obvious for us. Respect the soil, the vineyard and its fruit is a strong commitment.
We do not use chemical fertilizers, weedkillers or pesticides.

We want to get the healthiest grapes, in reasonable amounts and consistent with our quality objective.
We prefer a full tillage associated with the use of compost and manure to maintain an excellent biological balance.
Thus we strive to sublimate our terroir,it is - more than anything else - our real capital, that we pass down to our children.

We did not stop along the way. Organic farming is ok but incomplete.
We wanted to go forward, in our cellars, using organic inputs during vinification and aging.

So, with the 2015 vintage, all our wines - red, rosé and white - are 100% organic.